Afrozeh Starlet Luxury Unstitched`23 | D#1



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Afrozeh Starlet Luxury Unstitched`23 | D#1 12,990.00 7,500.00
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EMBROIDERED FRONT BODY                                   I PC                             NET

EMBROIDERED BACK BODY                                     I PC                             NET

EMBROIDERED FRONT+BACK PANELS                  28 PCS                        NET

EMBROIDERED SLEEVES                                            0.66 M                        NET

EMBROIDERED FRONT+BACK BODIES                   1.36M                         NET


EMBROIDERED NECKLINE BORDER                        066 M                         NET

EMBROIDERED FRONT+BACK BORDER                  395M                          VISCOSE

EMBROIDERED DUPATTA PALLU BORDER            226M                         VISCOSE

EMBROIDERED DUPATFA 4 SIDE BORDER                  791 M              VISCOSE EMBROIDERED SLEEVES BORDER               0.98M              ORGANZA

EMBROIDERED DUPATTA                                           262M                      ORGANZA

DYED TROUSER                  2.28 M             RAW SILK


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