SEA-MIST-Lafucsia’23 V-1



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Chiffon Embroidered Front Center Panel (1 Pc)
Chiffon Embroidered Front Right Panel (1 Pc)
Chiffon Embroidered Front Left Panel (1 Pc)
Organza Embroidered Front+Back Border A (2 M)
Organza Embroidered Front+Back Border B (2 M)
Chiffon Embroidered Back (0.98 M)
Chiffon Embroidered Sleeves (0.66 M)
Organza Embroidered Sleeves Border (1 M)
Organza Embroidered Dupatta (2.62 M)
Organza Embroidered Dupatta Pallu Border (2.26 M)
Raw Silk Dyed Trouser (2.28 M)


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